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Attack on Hill Giant - Rollplay by Martin-Q Attack on Hill Giant - Rollplay by Martin-Q
This piece is a combination of two of my current loves - Attack on Titan… and ItmeJP's Rollplay…. Go support either or even both of these great shows!

I'd heard bits about Attack on Titan a while back, but it wasn't until a few weeks ago that I finally got into it. After catching up on the FUNimation episodes, I saw that the setup (walled city under attack by titans) matched up a bit with the defense of Justar's Bay in Rollplay (the episode where the group helps fend off a hill giant/ogre force storming the town). I'm sure it's a coincidence or something, but the possibilities for the crossover/parody picture started forming. I did have an initial plan for having the entire group in the picture, but in the time it took to draw a slightly updated Vincent (Justar's Bay defense was after he got his black/silver armor, but before he got a better shield, if I recall correctly. The fancy sword is supposed to be Brightblade's Dying Wish, which I think Vincent had switched to over the blood drinker sword by this point.), I felt like having Abi, Banon, and Bregor as well would've taken forever.

It seems like there's a few Attack on Titan parodies around with this format, which is why I chose it:…. So it was just a matter of visualizing Vincent and the Hill Giant based roughly off of…. After that, it was fun to draw this to the tune of the first Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) opening:…. It's catchy and it gets you in the right mindset. Coming up with Vincent's black/silver armor and the Hill Giant's face made for fun lineart, the wall/gate was a decent background considering how much I hate drawing detailed surroundings, and the coloring/shading went okay. Overall, I like how this went as practice, since I haven't submitted anything in a while (I'm still trying to progress to "clean" lines, and coloring with the "painted" look seems to be a pain).

TL;DR Crossovers are fun - more of the things you love! Maybe I'll go for updating the main Rollplay group soon, although I'm also looking to try my take on a Lisa Burgath visualization. Thanks for checking this out, anybody who reads this far!
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August 28, 2013
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